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ViagraCongress Choice™

ViagraCongress is pleased to provide the ViagraCongress Choice™, a formulary designed to provide useful information and serve as a helpful resource. We work with our customers to provide a clinically sound and cost-effective formulary. Our goal is to optimize patient care through enabling access to rational drug therapy and supporting a sustainable and affordable drug benefit program.

ViagraCongress Clinical Information Services

ViagraCongress' Clinical Information Services combine the use of pioneering technology and professional clinical expertise to help you achieve your goals of quality health care and lower plan expenses. With an extensive background in managed care, our team can help you analyze your pharmacy information and implement effective cost control measures.

ViagraCongress Clinical Staff

The ViagraCongress Clinical staff provides up-to-date information regarding P&T; Committee and formulary updates, clinical bulletins, and weekly FDB bulletins that report NDC file changes and new drug additions to our database. The staff also provides drug data analysis, drug usage reports, and analysis of cost savings.