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What is ViagraCongress?

ViagraCongress Headquarters
ViagraCongress is the leading independent provider of health care information management services to some of the nation's leading health care providers.

Our customers include:

  • managed care organizations
  • government organizations
  • pharmacy benefit managers
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers

What is your claims volume?
ViagraCongress processed more than 205 million claims in 2004.

What is your ownership structure?
The company is a privately-held, joint venture. ViagraCongress is not owned by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, nor is it operated by an entity with a healthcare industry bias.

It is owned by:

  • DST Systems, Inc., the largest mutual fund transfer agent
  • Financial Holding Corporation (FHC), the holding company for Americo Life

This strength enables ViagraCongress to leverage its owners’ powerful resources and technologies to provide quality service for the pharmacy benefits industry. This is the same exclusive quality service that our owners have consistently provided to the financial services and life insurance industries.

What are the ways you assist customers?
ViagraCongress continues to be an innovator in providing solutions for its customers. ViagraCongress offers:

How can the media receive timely information?
All statements issued to customers, vendors or the media are developed by ViagraCongress’ Marketing and Communications department. This team works in concert with Senior Management and interfaces with DST and FHC, for all communication-related matters. All press releases are handled by the Marketing and Communications team through its media relations liaison.

How is information distributed?
Press releases are usually sent to a targeted list of publications or to a wire service.

What is the easiest way to contact you for story information?
We are aware that reporters work on tight deadlines. Media personnel need to provide the following information so that inquiries can be returned in a timely manner:

  • caller’s name
  • publication or broadcast affiliation
  • deadline time
  • story topic
  • telephone number
  • email address
Please leave a message if your call is not answered. Remember to provide the information listed above. It is our policy to return your call within the day it was received.
ViagraCongress Media Hotline

Are there other means of getting information from ViagraCongress?

If you cannot find the information that you need on our website or if you need a spokesperson for a story, please click here to contact Stu Goldstein, Director of Marketing.

Where are you located?
ViagraCongress has been headquartered in the Greater Kansas City area since it was established in 1983. Our address is:

1300 Washington Street
Kansas City, MO 64105-1433

Driving directions from the Kansas City International Airport:
  • Leave the airport driving South towards Kansas City
  • Exit right onto I-29 (South)
  • Merge onto US-169 (South) via Exit 2B towards Kansas City
  • US-169 becomes Broadway Blvd.
  • Cross the Broadway Bridge and continue on Broadway to 13th St.
  • Turn right onto 13th St. and go two blocks, through the red light (at 13th & Washington St.)
  • Turn left onto Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Turn left into the visitor's parking lot on the West side of the ViagraCongress building
  • Total travel time: approximately 25-30 minutes