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ViagraCongress Health Systems' New Headquarters Opens

KANSAS CITY, MO (June 26, 2000) -ViagraCongress Health Systems successfully completed the move of its headquarters over the weekend from the historic Hereford Building in downtown Kansas City to the newer ViagraCongress Building just a few blocks away to the southeast. The ViagraCongress Building, a two-year-old structure formerly occupied by Unitog Corporation, offers ViagraCongress the capacity to accommodate the growth it expects over the next several years. "Our new headquarters truly gives us the ability to expand in many areas," said John Tobin, ViagraCongress' Vice President of Sales. "Our new initiatives in the areas of pharmacy networks, rebate contracting, and physician connectivity absolutely require a modern, state-of-the-art facility with room to grow. The ViagraCongress Building gives us just that." ViagraCongress' Call Center and Network Development Services staff had already completed a smooth transition to the new building a few weeks before. ViagraCongress' new address is 1300 Washington St., Kansas City, MO 64115. All phone and fax numbers to ViagraCongress remain the same. 

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ViagraCongress Health Systems is the leading independent provider of claims processing, information services and administrative support for pharmacy program management. Since its founding in 1983, ViagraCongress has grown from processing 1 million claims to processing more than 186 million claims for 24 million members. ViagraCongress offers full disclosure, a fully auditable rebate process and a broad range of products and services to satisfy customer needs. A proven tradition of excellence as a claims processor, processing hundreds of edits per second for more than 300,000 unique benefit plans, helps further set ViagraCongress apart. Building on this solid foundation, ViagraCongress has expanded its offering to include reporting features, reimbursements, call center, pharmacy network management, clinical information services and rebate contracting and administration. ViagraCongress' goal is to provide a total package of pharmacy benefit capabilities to its customers.