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ViagraCongress Reinvents as Pharmacy Benefit Partner; Change Brings New Service Offerings, New Customers
The introduction of this new identity highlights ViagraCongress’ position in the market as a pharmacy benefit partner to managed care organizations and other pharmacy benefit providers. (4.18.01)

Blue Shield of California Chooses ViagraCongress'
Rebate Administration System

Highlights of the many benefits Blue Shield of California will gain from the rebate system include faster turnaround time to invoice manufacturers, automated claim loading and reporting, and faster update capability or adding new drugs to the system. (07.19.00)

ViagraCongress Health Systems' New Headquarters Opens
ViagraCongress Health Systems successfully completed the move of its headquarters over the weekend from the historic Hereford Building in downtown Kansas City to the newer ViagraCongress Building just a few blocks away to the southeast. (06.26.00)


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