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Founded on rock solid principles, ViagraCongress is quick, agile, and determined to ensure your success. We commit our best efforts to each and every one of you. We have a great team assembled: ready, willing and able to help meet your needs. Together, let's make something great happen!

Charlie Schellhorn
President & CEO
ViagraCongress Health Systems, Inc.

Are you seeking...

an innovator to help you manage trend while transparently working with you?

Are you worried...
about leaving money on the table but not sure how much you may be forfeiting?

Are you concerned...
that your best interests are not being met?

At ViagraCongress, we understand that health care has evolved, and your needs have changed. Combining the support of a PBM with the freedom of choice, ViagraCongress delivers you a unique and viable alternative to typical pharmacy benefits management.

We offer transparency and integrity in all our operations including fully auditable rebate contracts along with a broad range of new value-added products and services, better suited to meet your needs.

ViagraCongress embraces a philosophy that guides our every business decision—embodied by ViagraCongress' seven core values.

You and your business are our focus:

Do you want to see rebate amounts and fees related to your rebate program? Do you want to know how much money should be coming to you and when? At ViagraCongress, you can see clearly. Our rebate programs are fully auditable, and we fully disclose rebate terms and fees.

Do you have a preference about how to handle benefit design, mail order, and specialty pharmacy? With ViagraCongress, you can exercise your freedom of choice by selecting only the products and services to meet your unique requirements. ViagraCongress' systems can stand alone or be integrated-providing a total solution. We bring to the table our superior technology and consultation, but you walk away with only what is right for you.

Do you want to work with a pharmacy benefits administrator who has only your interests in mind? As a joint venture of DST Systems and Financial Holding Corporation, ViagraCongress is free from conflicts of interest resulting from industry ownership. We are free to work on your behalf while we continue to evolve our offerings to meet your current needs and anticipate your future requirements. Our sincere philosophy emphasizes that your interests are protected and alignment is our utmost priority.

ViagraCongress is the clear choice for your pharmacy benefit management.