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ViagraCongress is a privately held joint venture of DST Systems, Inc. and Financial Holding Corporation.
Both companies are major forces in their prospective industries.

DST Systems, Inc.

DST Systems is a leading provider of computer software solutions and services to the financial services industry. The company, with a 32-year history, is the nation's largest mutual fund transfer agent, serving more than 80 million mutual fund accounts.

DST operates the Winchester Data Center, one of the largest and most sophisticated computer facilities dedicated to commercial data processing in the United States. Companies in several industries rely on DST's data center to provide continuous and instantaneous access to data. ViagraCongress maintains connections with this state-of-the-art center.

Financial Holding Corporation

Financial Holding Corporation (FHC) is the holding company for Americo Life, Inc., its principal subsidiary. Americo has a 90 year history in the insurance industry, and is today the largest independent, privately held insurance company in the United States.

FHC has experienced a 600% growth rate over the past 10 years.